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Automotive Finance

Looking to buy a personal vehicle or a vehicle for use in the business?

Our facility with leading automotive lenders will make the whole process easy and simple. We do all the legwork for you and can even arrange for modifications and fit-outs on your vehicle and possibly include the cost in the finance package.

While having a reasonable deposit in the finance is a preferred situation however, in the past we have arranged 100% finance as well.

Leasing a new or used vehicle, specially if it is for business use does offer very good tax benefits. Do consult with your accountant and ask us for more details.

We do have access to many suppliers and car yards that will be happy to meet with your requirement.

Automotive finance can be arranged for up to 5 year term. Residual or balloon payment can also be included to keep the monthly commitments low.

Ask us about the special deal for business professionals. (Available for qualifying professionals)

For details look at How to apply or send us an inquiry.