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Franchise Finance

Buying a franchise is not buying a job with a salary. Many clients look at a franchise as buying a salary.

This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in franchise ownership.

While buying a franchise is a great method to quick start a proven business model; it still deserves the input and effort to be operated as a business to get the most from the operation.

The franchisor has invested many years to build a brand and is continually trying to add value to the business model so that the franchisees can get the most from the business. Marketing, standards and pricing are well managed and controlled. The franchisees get the benefits from the global brand and marketing campaigns.

So before you venture to buy into a franchise understand what your commitments are in the business. You are not buying a business to draw a salary. You are buying an entity that can be grown, the more the business grows the more rewards you get from the purchase.

We have many years of experience in Franchise Finance and have arranged finance for all types of franchises. From leading food chain operations to cleaning franchises - each has its own cost and income levels. We have seen our clients grow into a million dollar operation and have also seen some who have gone under in a very short time.

So talk to us to understand the operation. We will give you an honest and professional opinion before you sign upon a financial commitment.